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Wedding Cupcake Ideas: Love Is In The Air

April 21, 2011 by Guest Blogger divider image
Wedding cupcake ideas by cupcake bakery: Cupcake Heaven

Submitted by: Yuliana Christina

Cupcakes Heaven

Love is in the air. A Wedding is one human phase that will change the way of life of two God’s creature. Preparation of wedding will take a lot of time and a lot of effort. One important preparation for the wedding is wedding cupcake. Wedding cupcake ideas are really happening lately and every couple wants special cupcakes for their wedding. And special mean special in taste and special appearance.

Cupcake is sound very simple and very common. But you know that different ingredient can makes the cupcake taste so delicious. So when you want to decide what kind of cupcakes for your wedding, you should know what exactly you want with the taste. Sweet is the surely taste for the cupcake, but what kind of sweet you want inside it. If you love if you want really sweet and soft feeling you can try soft cake. If you like chocolate you the cupcake should be chocolate cake. And chocolate is best for wedding because chocolate is about love. But if you want something different, like little salty taste you could choose cheese cake, or if you want your guess surprise with the cake you can fill the cake with fruit or melt chocolate.

The most important for wedding cupcake is the appearance. Decorating items is the key to make the cupcake tower or tree looks amazing. The appearance of single cupcake can influence the whole appearance of cupcake tree or tower. So you better start with making a design theme for the tree and design your cupcakes. Color is the most important to make it beautiful look. You can make only one design of cupcake, but the result will be so simple and plain. And it is okay for you that want to have simple wedding. For better look you should make more than one cupcake design. Remember that the design should be follow the tower design.

Even it called cupcake; the shape of the cake is not limited to circular shape. You can use square, heart or flower shape. You can even use your imagination with different shape. Heart is the common way to express love; you can use heart shape for your wedding cake to express your celebration of love. Or if you are having garden party, you will love flower shape for your wedding cupcake. The colorful cupcakes with the touch of green leaf will complete your garden theme. There are some much ideas for cupcake; imagination is the key of amazing design.

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