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Crazy about cupcake ideas

August 17, 2008 by Tonya a.k.a. T2 divider image

If you love cupcakes and are searching for the best cupcake ideas, well you have landed in the right place! The cupcake craze has spawned some unique varieties like:

mimosa-cupcakeCupcakes are commonly associated with children’s events because they are so handy and portable. Many Mothers would bake cupcakes for their child’s birthday to enjoy with their class at school. Even though schools request healthier snacks, rest assured cupcakes are one of the hottest culinary trends.

With so many cupcake ideas, they are now a staple at many special events, corporate functions and celebrity events. As a matter of fact, brides are taking heed for their wedding with exotic wedding cupcakes too. Women enjoy buying cupcakes almost as much as baking cupcakes.

Some have compared cupcakes to sex, says Ruth, from Miami

“Making cupcakes are fun and fast, like a real good quickie. Mix up the batter, pour them in the little tins, slap some frosting and maybe some sprinkles on them. You’re done!”

These quaint little cakes are such a big hit there are three days each year set aside exclusively for cupcakes.

  1. October 18 National Chocalate Cupcake Day
  2. November 10 National Vanilla Cupcake Day
  3. December 15 National Cupcake Day

Cupcakes are not what they used to be, they were underacheivers in a plain wrapper. Now with hundreds of excuses to indulge and many more cupcake ideas. Watch out… cupcakes are taking over the world.

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