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S’more Cupcakes Ideas

August 10, 2012 by Guest Blogger divider image

Submitted by: Erica Williams


Well, National S’mores Day is on August 10th! How will you celebrate?

How should we celebrate such a day when it’s too hot to sit around a campfire to toast your marshmallows? You make ‘em into cupcakes, that’s what!

I have wanted to make these for quite some time now. But my Rocky Road Cupcakes kept distracting me. But I had to be focused enough to make these cuties…so I did!

I made a rich devil’s food chocolate batch of cupcakes with a crushed graham crust on the bottom of each cake. I left space in the middle to put my filling in…my marshmallow buttercream that I finally made on my tweaked Rocky Road cupcakes. I wanted to top these off with a couple of mini marshmallows…but then discovered that someone ate my mini marshmallows. Bummer. I had planned on toasting the marshmallows on top, but attempted to toast the marshmallow buttercream. It slightly melted into a film on top, but not the results I’d hoped for. I then made a delightful chocolate buttercream to surround the filling. I sprinkled a little more crushed graham on top & placed a Hershey bar piece in the center for the perfect garnish.

They are so adorable & so yummy! I want to make these again when I have some mini marshmallows to toast on top.

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