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Cupcake Dream

September 15, 2011 by Guest Blogger divider image
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Submitted by: Cez Rabino

All my ingredients are fresh, pure and selected. Making my cupcakes moist and yummy. Plus what makes it special is that it is home made.  I hope you got my point across ‘coz I’m a bit sleepy and tired, so my explanations could be vague right now. Hahah (: But ok, I’m offering 3 cupcake flavors yet. That’ll only be for now; NUTELLA CHOCOLATE, VANILLA AND RED VELVET. Then soon CHOCO MINT. I’ve chosen these 3 flavors ‘coz majority of cupcake lovers craves with these kind of flavors and I’ve perfected these three. .  Thank you! (:

Making cupcakes, I’ve learned these things:
- Patience
- BEWARE: Pain on the carpal tunnel
- Joy and contentment
- Creaming is the best way to make one, based on my opinion
- Moist cupcakes = better butter, add some more
- Vanilla extracts are just for the aroma, if you don’t have it you can sub it with maple syrup. I’ve tried it and I’ve seen and smell no difference.
- You should strictly separate dry from wet.
- Never put everything at once, patience in mixing and beating is the key.
- Cheap/Poor quality of cocoa powder equals disaster. It’ll be dry as eating up a cocoa powder not mixed with water. Stiff to eat, hard on the mouth.

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