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I LOVE Cupcakes!

September 30, 2008 by c-squared divider image


C-Squared’s Cupcake Crawl
(on the hunt for the world’s best cupcakes ideas, cupcake café’s and cupcake paraphernalia).

I’ve always loved cupcakes.  I remember elementary school birthday parties with cupcakes and still have the pans my mom and I baked them in for my own parties.  I have fond memories of my mom teaching my nieces how to frost cupcakes by “dipping and swirling” them in a bowl of whipped chocolate frosting.  Whenever I pass a school bake sale, I reach past the snickerdoodles, Rice Krispy treats and brownies for the beloved cupcakes.  I LOVE Cupcakes.wedding-cupcake-ideas-martha-stewart-2003

So imagine my delight in 2003 when I was checking out of a grocery store. There it was, two aisles down.  It was beautiful.  It was enticing. It was the Winter 2003 cover of Martha Stewart weddings magazine. What a beautiful sight. The colors. The artistry. The symmetry. The CUPCAKES!  I bought my first Martha Stewart magazine that day.

That was 2003.  Fast forward four years to 2007.  I was planning a party for my father’s 75th birthday. Hmmm, I thought.  What to do for a cake?  Memory recall to the magazine cover. Epiphany – I’ll do cupcakes. So where do I find someone who will do something like the cover of the magazine? Google.

Oh my gosh. They’re everywhere, all over the internet.  Cupcake tiers for every occasion – birthdays, weddings, kids’ parties, showers. You name it, there’s a cupcake idea.jps-kake-korner-13

I settled on JPs Kake Korner on Route 1 in Laurel Maryland for the price, convenience, flavors, customer-service and, of course, taste.  I loved how I could order a variety of colors and flavors to appeals to the tastes of many.

cupcake-ideas-thebeginningThe cupcake tier for the party was a hit!  They were easy to serve, easily transportable for guests to take home, and best of all, a cinch for cleanup.  “Mission Accomplished.”  Result: success.

What more can I say.  I LOVE cupcakes.

On the cupcake prowl,

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