Cupcakes and pajamas, what a combo

October 14, 2008 by c-squared divider image

Cupcake ideas: C-Squared’s Cupcake Crawl

(On the hunt for the world’s best cupcake ideas, cupcake café’s and cupcake paraphernalia.)

I don’t like to cook much, so I often find myself chowing down at a local joint near my house.

cupcake-bakery-franks-diner“Frank’s Diner” is a converted railway car turned diner and has been serving up homemade vittles near the intersection of Routes 1 and 175 in Jessup, Maryland since 1995.  Owned by husband and wife team Frank and Linda, the diner is just a mile off I-95, and near a major truck stop, so it attracts a plethora of roadies, professional and blue-collar lunch bunches, and local yokels like me.

In typical diner fashion, the bar’s countertop is decorated with homemade layer cakes and pies made fresh by co-owner, Miss Linda.  The colorful and flavorful array stares me in the face each time I visit and challenges my efforts to stick to a healthy diet of fish and veggies.

Healthy was out the window recently when I walked in and was immediately greeted by a tray of fresh-baked, JUMBO-sized chocolate and orange-frosted, candy-covered cupcakes!  My taste buds did an immediate about-face from “eat right” to “bring on the fat grams.”

After enjoying my meal, joined by the cupcakes as my dinner companions, franks-diner-cupcakes1Miss Linda served me up one chocolate and one orange frosted cupcake.  I took them home, put on my jammies, added some frozen yogurt to my treat and curled up in my bed.  Mmmm.  YUMMY!  Moist and delicious.  And I don’t mind if they leave crumbs in the bed, if you know what I mean.

Miss Linda makes the cupcakes as she does the cakes – in a variety of flavors and with lots of love.  At the reasonable price of $1.99, it’s not such a hard “fat pill” to swallow.

“Frank’s Diner” is on 7795 Cedar Avenue, Jessup, Maryland 20794.

Continuing the cupcake prowl looking for the best cupcake ideas,

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