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Election Celebration Cupcakes

January 19, 2009 by c-squared divider image

C-Squared’s Cupcake Crawl
(On the hunt for the world’s best cupcake ideas, cupcake café’s and cupcake paraphernalia).

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about my cupcake experience at Frank’s Diner. On November 4, 2008, co-owner Linda of Frank’s Diner, was kind of enough to let me try my hand at decorating some of her famous jumbo cupcakes for an election night watch party.obama-cupcake-logo

I had not decorated a cake, more or less cupcakes, in 20 years when I took a beginner decorating class. Linda’s cupcakes provided the perfect canvass for the Obama/Biden campaign symbol. I dug out my decorating supplies from deep out of storage. I got some red and blue piping frosting from a local cake bakery and practiced my long-forgotten techniques. I was able to produce about 14 cupcakes. Low and behold, they weren’t too bad. In fact, they were a hit. And the historic victory of Barack Obama and Joe Biden sweetened the taste of the cupcakes.

Not bad for a novice, but I’ll stick to my day job and to writing about cupcakes instead of decorating them — for now.

Still prowling,

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